An intensive therapy program to help individuals find healing, understanding, and growth

Healing and understanding at Blue Sky Intensive Therapy

Find forgiveness, understanding, and healing


Overcome addictive and harmful behaviors

equipped to handle lives challenges

Be equipped with skills to take control of your life

Anxiety, depression, and addiction are at an all-time high and the current therapies and medications don’t help adequately or fast enough, leaving many people to unnecessarily struggle with how they feel about themselves and their life. Our holistic process will bring healing to your body, provide you with tools to create lasting change, freeing you from what’s been holding you back and allowing you to create a meaningful and fulfilling life.

“The coping skills you learned as a child worked in the moment, but don’t work as an adult.”

— Barry McGarrah


You want to feel better. You don’t want to feel lonely, depressed, or hurt any longer, but you are not really sure how to work through it. Because if you knew how to fix it you would have already. This leaves you feeling frustrated and lost.

We can help! We equip you with the tools to move forward!

Blue Sky Intensive Therapy offers a streamlined, holistic approach to therapy that will bring healing, understanding, and acceptance. Our one, three, or five day intensive therapy programs will endow you with the skills to find clarity and break the cycle, creating lasting change and happiness in your life.

Intensive Therapy at Blue Sky Intensive Therapy

A One-of-a-Kind Approach to Intensive Individual Therapy


Learn to break the cycle and find understanding and healing that will allow you to move forward in your life.


Find fulfillment and happiness in your life with our holistic, streamlined approach to therapy.


When you feel happy and fulfilled, you are able to build and maintain better relationships in your life.

Discover Happiness in Your Life

High doses of intensive, depth-oriented goal-driven treatment can achieve higher, deeper, and longer-lasting results.

We Provide Intensive Therapy for Individuals

Our one-of-a-kind program was developed using top researched and evidenced-based therapies to help you find healing and gain the tools needed to create change in your life.

One-day Program

One-day Program

Three-day Program

Three-day Program

Five-day Program

Five-day Program

Three Steps to Start Changing Your Life

Tell Us About Yourself

Get started by telling us a little about yourself and your goals in therapy.

Attend Intensive Therapy

Through our streamlined therapy you get the help you need much faster.

Be Equipped to Move Forward

Have the tools you need to make changes and find contentment.