An intensive therapy program for couples to find healing and happiness.

Find forgiveness, understanding, and healing

Discover emotional connection and intimacy

Be equipped with the tools to build a strong marriage

Many marriages suffer from emotional disconnection and a lack of intimacy, which leaves both individuals feeling lonely and frustrated because they don’t know how to fix it. This often makes them wonder if divorce is the only option. We have a process that helps to heal the relationship and build deeper connections so you develop a lasting intimacy and fulfillment in your marriage.

“69% of problems in marriage are cyclical. They are not going to go away without help.”

— -John M. Gottman, Psychologist


You want it to work, but you don’t know if it can be saved. You keep having the same fights and nothing seems to change. You’re tired of feeling alone and hopelessly confused. You may have tried therapy or just know that your marriage doesn’t have months or years in weekly therapy to improve.

We can help, there is hope!

Blue Sky Intensive Therapy offers a streamlined, holistic approach to therapy that will bring healing, understanding, and intimacy to your marriage. Our one, three, or five day intensive therapy programs will equip you with the tools to break the cycle and create lasting change and happiness in your relationship.

intensive therapy to help you create a successful marriage

A One-of-a-Kind Approach to Intensive Family Therapy


Learn to break the cycle and find understanding that will allow for a breakthrough in your relationship.


With a deep meaningful connection and intimacy in your relationship, you will discover your best friend.


Although therapy is completed in less than five days, couples maintain long-term happiness in their marriage.

Unlock Your Marriage’s Potential

We work with couples to help them get unstuck and discover true meaningful happiness and fulfillment in their relationship.

We Provide Intensive Therapy for Couples

Our one-of-a-kind program was developed using leading industry therapies to help you find healing and gain the tools needed to create change in yourself and your relationship.

One-day Program

One-day Program

Three-day Program

Three-day Program

Intensive Therapy for Couples

Five-day Program

Three Steps to Start Changing Your Relationship

Tell Us About Yourself

Get started by telling us a little about yourself and your goals in therapy.

Attend Intensive Therapy

Through our streamlined therapy you get the help you need much faster.

Be Equipped to Move Forward

Have the tools you need to make changes and have a fulfilling marriage.